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Rohan Cannon was 17 years old when he commenced his professional career in 1979 as a singer songwriter, guitar player in Sydney based Funk outfit Rupert B. Thirty Five years on he still has a passion and enthusiasm for music and performance that people half his age aspire to.

In that thirty five year career Rohan has toured both nationally and internationally with Australia’s leading touring and recording artists, Electric Pandas, The Guns, Matt Finish, Choirboys, American Blues legend Taj Mahal, Paul Christies (Mondo Rock) Rockhouse and most recently the Rockumentary -­‐ “The Life and Music of Stevie Wright and the Easy beats” which has played to sold out houses and has received rave reviews throughout Australia in 2014. Rohan has also been signed to major publishing houses and record companies. He also held a fifteen year residency at The Rag n Famish Hotel North Sydney.

Rohan consistently continues to make a living in the Australian Music Industry by doing what he does best, singing, playing guitar, performing and recording. He loves playing in acoustic mode where he takes many of the great Australian and International classics and more recent popular tunes and makes them his own -­‐ which is what it’s all about for him.

Rohan’s philosophy -­‐ ” You take a great song and put your stamp on it...Make it your own. People love that. The problem is there are just too many great songs to choose from”.

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