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When last we heard from Jayne Denham she vowed to Shake this Town.

This time around she has her sights firmly set on shaking the very foundations of each town with her self-proclaimed style of RENEGADE COUNTRY.

Pulsing tracks like ‘Renegade’, Addicted to the Diesel’ and ‘Jam the Jam’ are signs of new times and each is destined for the big stage, with strong hooks and a razor-sharp rock edge.

Addicted to the Diesel’ was No 1 on the Australian Country Top 30 for 3 weeks.

Fans of her previous releases will instantly relate to country party tracks, ‘Cowgirls MIA’ and ‘Trick it Up’, while ‘Shelter’ and ‘Grew up Round Trucks’ will melt hearts.

One of the most exciting tracks on the new release is ‘Beyond These City Lights’, which pairs Jayne’s vocals with those of Shannon Noll.  It has already reached # 1 on the Hot Country Radio Network and #2 on the Country Top 30. Jayne and Shannon were nominated for a Golden Guitar for Vocal Collaboration.

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